The BrainFood Cookbook by Angela Taylor (eBook release now available!)
Foreword written by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
Gluten Free - Lactose Free - Soy Free - Sugar Free
Autism / ADHD Recovery using the SCD / GAPS / Paleo diet
The BrainFood Cookbook contains 12 chapters of recipes used by author Angela Taylor to successfully recover her child from Autism. The recipes are gluten-free, and based upon the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) / Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet (GAPS) / Paleo diet which has been embraced in the Autism community.
The BrainFood Cookbook explains the SCD/GAPS/Paleo diet in an easy and delicious way to inspire busy parents who are desperate to heal their children, but may be daunted by learning a whole new way of cooking. The cookbook will appeal to inexperienced cooks, and to those who enjoy gourmet flavors. This book aims to demonstrate the power of food in changing lives like none other before it.
There is hope. You can start this today. You can recover your child!  

At the 2010 Defeat Autism Now conference, the SCD / GAPS diet was listed as the #1 most effective non-drug intervention for autistic children.
The BrainFood Cookbook contains:
• A brief but inspiring testimonial of how Taylor recovered her son from Autism using the GAPS diet
• An outline of the basic principles (and the science behind) the GAPS diet
• Real-life tips for making it work
• 12 chapters of recipes, with a color photo of each recipe
I and many others believe that
ADD —> ADHD —> Asperger's Syndrome —> Autism
are disorders which share a common etiology; therefore GAPS diet interventions may work to recover children diagnosed with these related disorders as well.

As the Greek physician Hippocrates said more than 2000 years ago: "Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food."

It is beyond doubt that food plays a very decisive role in preservation of human health, but also in the development of diseases. Nutrition scientists are discussing vehemently which diet is the right one. In my studies at the BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, I have learned about genetic and biochemical differences between individuals which result in the fact that one person tolerates well a particular foodstuff, whereas it causes problems for someone else. I encourage you to muscle test every food your family consumes to determine what is good for you. These resources can be helpful:
Sample of a Muscle Testing Foods Chart
Read my script for the muscle testing video I will be shooting soon. Contains complete "how-to" instructions.

Hi Angela,
I'm a desperate mom reaching out to you. I have a wonderful little 4 year old boy with Autism. We do a lot of therapy and interventions (ABA, OT, NeuroFit, music therapy, equestrian therapy, GFCFSF diet and bio-med).
Something is still missing. He is so close to recovery we feel, but constipation still is a major issue/trauma. He also has central auditory processing difficulties, scripts TV shows, concepts are hard, and no conversational speech.
The last 3 days we have been prisoners in our home trying to get him to have a bowl movement. Poor guy. I am at the end of my rope and my heart is broken for him. I watched your videos and saw so much of my son in yours.
I have contemplated GAPS for about 5 months, but a few things hold me back:
1. I work full time and have two children with special needs. How will I ever find the time to make all the broth and food from scratch? It seems really impossible. Am I building it up in my head too much? Is it doable for someone like me who doesn't go to bed until 11 or midnight as it is with all that needs tending to?
2. Will my son eat? He eats a very healthy GFCFSF (Gluten-free, Casein-free, Soy-free) diet, but it's a struggle to get him to eat things like meat. He likes chicken, but all other meats he refuses. He also won't touch soup. Out of all the research and blogs I've read, no one really seems to address in detail what the actual eating process was like for their young, picky toddler. Can you share thoughts? He has Mitochondrial dysfunction and I really am fearful of weight loss, etc.
Thanks so much for your time. I am sure you are very busy. Just needing that last little nudge from someone who can calm my fears....
K (name withheld upon request)
Hi K,
I won't lie to you, GAPS takes more time than GFCFSF because you can't buy as much prepackaged stuff. However, rather than take the approach "If I can't do GAPS perfectly, I won't do it at all", I urge you to do "Good enough GAPS". As your child simply can't heal if they are continuing to eat foods they are allergic to. (Please re-read the first pages of my book which explain all this)
In terms of getting yourself motivated, I am quite familiar with "overwhelm". I resolved to cut back my life to the essentials for the time being until my son was healed, and it paid off. So, no fancy vacations or new cars to pay for, and no volunteering / no hobbies to take up my precious time. If my parents/friends wanted to see us, great, they can come to me. Still, we as parents can have other stuff blocking us from achieving our goals. To help you, I'd suggest:
  • Neuro Emotional Technique (NET)
  • Homeopathy (any trained homeopath would be helpful, but maybe you'd like to find one who also knows CEASE for your kid)
    Constipation - well the first thing is to get him to poop, today! (That's great you're tuned in enough to know it's been three days.) Increase your child's fluids and probiotics. Go to the drugstore and buy some glycerin suppositories. Bribe your kid with a treat so he'll let you stick in the suppository, then wait for the fireworks. And if you are giving calcium supplements, stop them immediately - they seem to always cause constipation and a host of other problems.
    I have found that raw milk kefir which we make into smoothies (see pg 119) EVERY DAY without fail, is the key to my entire family's bowel health and also not getting colds. When we skip a day we get constipated, and/or "catch a cold". If you are afraid of raw milk, don't be, we've been drinking it for over 7 years without a single problem. Yes it's hard to find, but it's imperative, so please - try harder! (I'd suggest visiting the farm to assure yourself of the cleanliness of the cow's pasture and milking facility.)
    Now, regarding my "disregard" for CF (casein-free diet) I have found our 2 actual problems with dairy are:
  • lactose - every kind of lactose - so either raw or pasteurized are both problems
  • milk solids - only pasteurized (or cooked) is the problem
    So, the only types of dairy I permit are:
  • Ghee (it's cooked, but it's free of lactose and milk solids)
  • Raw milk kefir and raw milk yogurt (since it's cultured, it's free of lactose. And since it's raw, the milk solids are still "OK")

    Note: there are a few children who are so dairy-intolerant, they can't even have raw milk kefir. Please muscle test to be sure. Grass-Fed Butter Oil (along with probiotic capsules) may be a good constipation solution for these kids.
    If your son is picky:
  • Clip him into his highchair/booster seat. (See, How Do I Get My Kid to Eat This Stuff pg 20)
  • So maybe you cook (GAPS-legal) chicken nuggets every night for a week. (pg 68) So be it. But do please use "Soy-free" chicken that has eaten a soy-free diet. I buy my chicken directly from a farmer - it's easier for me to know the chicken's diet that way.
  • Tell him "First peas, then chicken" - you control the plate, and you alternate his bites, for the entire meal. (To make him eat all his peas.) Put lots of ghee and salt on those peas to make them tasty.
  • It is imperative that you train him to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, as he needs to get his carbs to avoid weight loss.
  • And, if you allow him to eat too much protein (vs. not enough produce) it's hard on his kidneys.
    BTW - my child still refuses to eat soup. Won't touch it. He healed anyway, just by avoiding allergens and increasing the probiotics in his diet with the kefir smoothies. (Since he won't drink broth I put powdered gelatin into his smoothies.)
    Time savers - see pg 22 of my book "Saving Time and Saving Money" and pg 21 "Menu Planning". (It's no surprise that your family is going to be hungry 3 times a day. Plan ahead! Even if you're planning chicken nuggets 7 nights in a row!)
    IMHO - All the good money (and time) you are investing in all these other therapies is "wasted" until you change your child's diet to GAPS. It really is that crucial. If I was short on time and money, and I had to choose between doing GAPS, or dropping everything else, I would honestly choose GAPS. But of course, doing GAPS + everything else is the best choice if you can swing it. (Homeopathy, especially!)
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