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The Basics of Homeopathy

     Homeopathy is cheap and powerful. I have found that it takes some time to work, so we’re using it in conjuction with everything else. I believe it’s imperative to: – consult with an experienced homeopath before starting. Homeopathy can be very powerful and must be done very carefully. – do muscle testing to determine… Keep Reading

Bach Remedies / Flower Essences

Similar to homeopathy, another great energy healing resource is flower essences, such as Bach Remedies and those sold by Green Hope Farm and Perelandra Essences. Bach Rescue Remedy can be found in any health food store. It is a natural stress and emotional relief, safe for children. The Bach Flower Remedies children deal with every day fears, daydreaming, self-esteem,… Keep Reading


To create your own homeopathic remedies with Radionics, it was once considered necessary to use a Radionics machine such as one of these:    By reading the research of Edward W. Russell in his book Report on Radionics: The Science Which Can Cure Where Orthodox Medicine Fails I learned that Radionics machines operate by focusing the power… Keep Reading

Homeopathy Research

A wonderful homeopathy experiment I found at the Kolisko Institute shows how intermediate potencies (in between 6C, 30C, etc.) have surprising effects! The chart shows the growth of plants given potencies of Natrium muriaticum (Nat mur) vs. control group plants given plain water. The blue line shows C (100) potencies and the red line shows X… Keep Reading

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