Autism / ADHD Recovery using the SCD / GAPS / Paleo diet

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Efficiency Tips

Smoothie Jars

Efficiency Tip #2 –¬†Weekly Smoothie jars Take out all dry smoothie ingredients, and place on counter. Line up a week’s worth of empty glass jars Assembly-line style, fill the line of jars with measured scoops of each dry ingredient. Place each ingredient back into the cabinet as you go. Seal jars and stow in the… Keep Reading

GAPS/Paleo compliant frozen meals

Efficiency Tip #1 – Frozen Meals that are GAPS/Paleo compliant? YES! Beetnik foods is a fast-growing national company specializing in gluten-free, grass-fed cuisine. I have found it in the freezer case of my local Whole Foods and MOM’s Organic Market, and/or you can mail-order directly from Beetnik. I ordered the Paleo Resolution (5 dinners /… Keep Reading

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