Evaluating Progess

ATEC – Autism Evaluation


I recommend keeping records (pre and post-intervention) so you can monitor your progress.

Autism Research Institute (ARI) offers a free Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) in several languages. You can print out the paper ATEC form (here’s the paper ATEC in English), or take the online ATEC (available in several languages) which tabulates the score for you.

I created this ATEC scoring guide to help you tabulate your score.

Total scores of less than 30 – Indicate that the child possesses somewhat normal behavior patterns and communication skills and has a high chance of leading a normal and independent life.
Total scores of less than 50 – Indicate that the child will most likely be able to lead a semi-independent life without needing to be placed in a formal care facility.
Total scores of 104 or higher – Indicate that the child would fall into the 90th percentile and would be considered severely autistic. He or she will likely need continuous care, perhaps at an institution, and may be unable to achieve any degree of independence from others.

If your child is a toddler between the ages of 18-24 months and you suspect they may have autism, please use the M-CHAT screening test.

It is also helpful to shoot video along the way, so keep your camcorder/phone handy!

SpectraCell Nutrient Testing


Click to download nutritional considerations fact sheet
Overwhelming evidence suggests that nutritional deficiencies may be a contributing factor in Autism and ADD. SpectraCell Laboratories has developed highly specialized Micro Nutrient Testing (requires a blood draw) to measure 33 vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your body and evaluates how well your body actually absorbs and utilizes each nutrient.

Even if you decide not to try GAPS, I would recommend you RUN to the nearest lab and get this testing done. In disorders like Autism and ADD, the potential improvement of symptoms when even a single deficiency is corrected can often be quite dramatic.

Practitioner MNT wholesale cost is approximately $199 US (with insurance submission) or $290 MNT patient self-pay (w/o insurance).

As an Integrative Nutrition Heath Coach, I will typically order the Micronutrient test along with a few other panels to get a complete picture of the child’s nutritional status. (+ CardioMetabolic, Thyroid, CBC, CMP, Iron, Lead)

It takes time and expertise to achieve repletion – which is achieved through diet and supplements. Retesting is recommended every 6 months until all deficiencies are corrected. (regular retesting is key because it takes most clients 2-3 years to fully correct all nutrient deficiencies.) And, regular testing will give you peace of mind to know as you are doing GAPS (which is obviously a restricted diet) you aren’t inducing any new deficiencies.

Below are example test results to give you an idea of what to expect:
Micronutrient Test Results
CardioMetabolic Test Results