Autism / ADHD Recovery using the SCD / GAPS / Paleo diet

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A Good Night’s Sleep

Our child¬†still needs 11-12 hours sleep per night so we make that a scheduling priority when planning our family’s activities. In the hours leading up to bedtime we are sure to eliminate any stimulating activities, and exposure to “blue light” from TV, phone, and computer screens. If your child has trouble falling asleep, you may… Keep Reading

Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF)

Reducing the EMF load in your bedroom (and entire home) will allow your body to reduce inflammation and repair itself while you are sleeping. To get started: Turn off all wireless devices at night. Put WiFi routers on lamp timers, and always put your cellphone into airplane mode when sleeping. If you have landline phones,… Keep Reading

Earthing / Grounding

This excerpt is quoted from an article in the Journal of Inflammation Research: (Oschman, Chevalier, and Brown, 2015) Grounding or earthing refers to direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, such as with bare feet or hands, or with various grounding systems… Multi-disciplinary research has revealed [this] electrically conductive contact of the human… Keep Reading

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