Autism / ADHD Recovery using the SCD / GAPS / Paleo diet

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Getting Started with GAPS


I’m Angela Taylor, author of The BrainFood Cookbook. I successfully recovered my son from Autism using the GAPS/Paleo/SCD diet when he was 4 years old. The GAPS diet is the fundamental therapy we used to recover our son from Autism. Prior to GAPS, we did speech therapy for a year and saw very little results… Keep Reading

#1 Our Story – Before/After GAPS

We achieved remarkable results using the GAPS diet to recover our son from Autism. After about a year on the diet James’ speech, eye contact, and swimming remarkably improved. Before GAPS diet: James was diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. He would often exhibit autistic behaviors such as flapping his hands, toe walking,… Keep Reading

#3 Ease into GAPS – the BrainFood Intro

Q: My kid only eats macaroni and cheese? Why? A: The opiate-like affects of the gluten and dairy are actually addictive. The “addict” craves the very foods to which he is allergic, and the vicious cycle continues. There may be withdrawal when you change your child’s diet, so I suggest implementing in this order: •… Keep Reading

#4 The official GAPS Intro

Elaine Gottschall (author of Breaking the Vicious Cycle) originally created the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) legal/illegal food lists. Subsequently, Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride wrote Gut and Psychology SyndromeTM (GAPS) and innovated the GAPS intro diet and GAPS full program. To reduce withdrawal, I made my own suggestions in The BrainFood Cookbook (as seen in #3 –… Keep Reading

#5 How do I get my kid to eat this stuff?

I advise seating your child in a high chair – or booster seat with a clip-on tray – at mealtimes. It’s hard enough to change your child’s diet, without him constantly wandering away from the table. Since we can’t eat typical “starches”, we need to eat a LOT of vegetables to get enough carbohydrate calories… Keep Reading

#6 – GAPS Menu Planning

One secret to doing GAPS (without losing your mind) is just doing some simple planning so you’re never “stuck” with nothing legal to eat. I always keep snacks in my purse and in the trunk of my car. Snack boxes of organic raisins and bags of nuts are good choices. Just to give you an… Keep Reading

#7 – Saving Time and Saving Money on GAPS

Some parents question the value of the time consuming/expensive GAPS diet as many doctors dismiss GAPS as being “unproven”. Until then, be assured that every parent I have spoken to – who has properly implemented GAPS without cheating – has seen huge improvements in their child’s cognition and behavior. Please also know that I am… Keep Reading

#9 – Troubleshooting GAPS: Lab Testing

Some critics of the GAPS diet say that it will lead to nutrient deficiencies. I would argue that most kids eating the Standard American Diet already have nutrient deficiencies! The best way to know – for sure – is to do Micronutrient Testing from SpectraCell Laboratories. This is far more accurate testing than typical blood… Keep Reading

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