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Angela Taylor, author

I’m Angela Taylor, author of The BrainFood Cookbook. I successfully recovered my son from Autism using the GAPS/Paleo/SCD diet when he was 4 years old.

The GAPS diet is the fundamental therapy we used to recover our son from Autism. Prior to GAPS, we did speech therapy for a year and saw very little results until we changed his diet. Once removing all the foods he was “allergic” to (gluten, lactose, soy, etc.) James’ brain became receptive to other therapies. (Speech, ABA, OT, etc.) This companion blog contains over 60 articles on health topics including Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, blood testing, supplements, ADD, ADHD, detox, drinking water, parenting tips, sleep tips, and more.

I hope you will ultimately decide to try GAPS, and I suggest you implement the GAPS diet in a methodical fashion. (See Getting Started with GAPS and The BrainFood Cookbook for implementation resources.) After you’ve got the GAPS diet rolling, this blog contains many additional ideas and resources to help parents and children struggling with Autism / Asperger’s / ADHD. I know it is tempting to just go out and try EVERYTHING, right away! But it is best to start with GAPS, and then try one new thing a week. Chart behaviors so you can determine what IS working, and what is NOT working.

If all this information seems overwhelming to you – and you need a little extra help – I am available for consultations to guide you on your family’s path to recovery.

Please remember that 
no matter your dreams or obstacles, you have the power to change your child’s life. I sincerely hope our resources can help you do just that.

Angela Taylor is the author of The BrainFood Cookbook. She successfully recovered her son from autism using the GAPS/Paleo diet. She resides in Baltimore, MD and holds three degrees from John Hopkins University. Angela is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and works with clients via Skype and in-person in Baltimore. www.brainfoodhealthcoaching.com

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