Autism / ADHD Recovery using the SCD / GAPS / Paleo diet

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Tips For Parents

Do the Work

Rather than “accepting my child as he is” it is my goal to help him reach his fullest potential. And rather than play the blame game (government mandated vaccinations, modern toxic environment, genetics, etc.) I’ve adopted the attitude: He is my child = He is my responsibility. Early intervention is crucial for a complete recovery.… Keep Reading

Avoid Drugging Your Child

If you’re faced with the decision whether to put your child on medication, you want to know what possible long-term effects it could have on his developing body and brain. Many parents are especially concerned about the effects of medications for treating ADHD because they are usually stimulants, and because kids often continue to take them… Keep Reading

Food & Behavior Research Study

On British TV show “The Food Hospital”, dietician Lucy Jones and physician Dr. Gio Miletto conducted this research study which showed how food affects behavior. Schoolchildren in Britain aged 5 – 9 attended a party and were split into two groups: Group 1 was fed healthy options such as apple slices, carrot sticks, hummus, etc. and drank… Keep Reading

Discipline: 1-2-3 Magic

We found this book and video to be enormously helpful: Book: 1-2-3 Magic: Effective Discipline for Children 2-12 by Thomas W. Phelan DVD: 1-2-3 Magic: Managing Difficult Behavior in Children 2-12 by Thomas W. Phelan The video explains how to do this program the correct way — and the real kid/mom scenes are super helpful! (and hilarious too) Note that this… Keep Reading

GAPS/Paleo compliant frozen meals

Efficiency Tip #1 – Frozen Meals that are GAPS/Paleo compliant? YES! Beetnik foods is a fast-growing national company specializing in gluten-free, grass-fed cuisine. I have found it in the freezer case of my local Whole Foods and MOM’s Organic Market, and/or you can mail-order directly from Beetnik. I ordered the Paleo Resolution (5 dinners /… Keep Reading

Find a Biomedical Doctor

Active until 2011, Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) was the premier biomedical autism treatment resource. There is a great next step for families living with autism called MAPS: The Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs. Below are some useful links to help you locate an autism practitioner: Generation Rescue Practitioner List: Old DAN! list from… Keep Reading


I know that the subject of vaccination is a hotly contested topic. Largely because of the vast sums of money made by the pharmaceutical industry, and the liability they would incur if vaccine damages were compensated. After doing lots of research I now believe: rather than saving us from deadly diseases (which fortunately have been… Keep Reading

Screentime Lockdown

My phone and computer have passwords only I know. But we lock all other electronics (ipad, game controllers, TV remotes, James’ computer) in a locking file cabinet. Devices are only unlocked after all homework and chores are done. All devices re-locked up before bedtime. For bluetooth device tracking (i.e. finding lost, or hidden-by-your-child devices) you… Keep Reading

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