MNRI – Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Integration

mnriThe official description from the MNRI website: Fundamental to the MNRI Method is the understanding that automatic primary motor reflex patterns do not disappear, they integrate. While most people in the general health and wellness community are quite familiar with primary motor reflex patterns, they generally view the patterns as developmental milestones. In the course of working with a patient, if primary motor reflex patterns are found active beyond the expected or typical developmental time period, the presence of the pattern is viewed as an indication that underlying developmental or neurological issues may exist.

In other words: if a child has reflex issues (and most Autistic/ADHD kids do) it will also cause behavior problems.

First the patient receives an assessment of all reflexes from an MNRI professional.
For example here is a video, testing for a Babisnki Response:
Comparing Babinski Response Present and Absent

The beauty of the MNRI program – after receiving the assessment of all reflexes – the parents are trained to do the various daily therapy exercises themselves, at home. Usually with nothing more needed than a massage therapy table.

  • To receive an assessment (and therapy/training) in the Washington DC area: Mary Rentschler (202) 244-8280.
  • To receive an assessment anywhere in the world, and also attend a seminar for training, see
  • I started with the 2-Day MNRI® Parent Workshop (only parents attend the seminar classes during the day, but you can bring you child beforehand for an assessment).
  • Another good way to begin is to enroll in a Multi-Day MNRI® Family Educational Conference. Parents and children attend these week-long seminars, children receive therapy all day long, both from MNRI professionals, and from their parents (as the parents are taught to do the exercises themselves).
  • Or, if you are part of a local autism (or ADHD) group, and you would like to be a Local Area Coordinator and bring a Mastutova Method seminar to your area, please contact the MNRI Coordinator at

MNRI Official Website


Angela Taylor, MS, CNS, LDN is Board-Certified in Clinical Nutrition and is the author of The BrainFood Cookbook. She successfully recovered her son from autism using the SCD/GAPS/Paleo diet. She resides in Baltimore, MD and holds three degrees from John Hopkins University. Angela is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and works with clients via Skype and in-person in Baltimore. She also serves as Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University teaching Clinical Nutrition.

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