The Hand Sanitizer Controversy

french-lavender-hand-sanitizer-gelWhat goes on your body goes in your body.

Therefore I refuse to use conventional hand sanitizers, as they are filled with chemicals I would prefer to avoid.

I prefer to use good old fashioned soap and water whenever possible. But for those times when they are absolutely needed many companies (including EO Products) have formulated organic hand sanitizers which clean with essential oils rather than chemicals.

Followup article:
Widely Used Antibacterial Agents (Triclosan) May Lead to Significant Health Concerns
Triclosan (TCS), a chemical widely used for its antibacterial properties, was shown to weaken heart and skeletal muscle activity in animal models in a study performed at the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) Superfund Research Program (SRP) Center.[more…]

Angela Taylor, MS, CNS, LDN is Board-Certified in Clinical Nutrition and is the author of The BrainFood Cookbook. She successfully recovered her son from autism using the SCD/GAPS/Paleo diet. She resides in Baltimore, MD and holds three degrees from John Hopkins University. Angela is a Licensed Clinical Nutritionist and works with clients via Skype and in-person in Baltimore. She also serves as Adjunct Faculty at Johns Hopkins University teaching Clinical Nutrition.

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  1. And I thought I was the only sensible one who avoided these toxic hand sanitizers. Thanks for the info.

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